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Rosemary... heaven restores you in life.

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Serena with a bittersweet beginning
31 March
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Mean Girls are plastic love.

by this_is_fucked

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Don't we all want her for our birthdays? ;-D

I don't think we want me, looking like this, for our birthdays, though. X-P

I am odd. I love music and if I get a good vibe from you (which isn't very hard to give me) I love you. I love you especially if you're in love with music or you like to do acting and stuff. But no matter who you are I love you. I love me, too. But that has nothing to do with anything. Add me, if you want. I'll most likely add you... that's only if you don't insult me... but if you think you hate me anyway... or just wanna be an ass, I welcome you to comment on my not friends only main entry. ♥

My life is put into this journal. If you do not wish to hear about my huge obsession with music, pink fuzzy dice, my friends or my plays I'm in or love... I suggest you not read my entries.

Entries written by Serena are likely to cause seizures!

This is to the people who don't apprectiate me:
..!......( ^.^ ).....!..

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